Fish Prices

Priory fish are produced from the farm’s own broodstock, grown on in purpose-built, professionally managed ponds.

How Fish Prices Are Calculated.

All of our fish are measured from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail when sold by the inch, and in pounds when by weight. We also supply specially formulated Coarse fish feed for Fishery owners, Farms and Anglers.

Fish Prices By Species

We offer a service for specimen Carp and Coarse fish to be purpose grown for your fishery.

All our Fish are hand picked for growth.

Delivery is charged on orders less than £4500.00 within a 100 mile radius and this will be worked out on your location to Priory Fishery within the UK.

Payment is required on delivery in full by cash, cheque or Bacs made payable to Priory Fishery Ltd.

All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

Carp Stock

A Carp is just a Carp? Well you would have thought so but we would like to show you different. The strain of Carp we breed at the Priory is unique to our farm and was created 30 + years ago by crossing two very distinctive strains.


Bream Stock

Another of those fish which is very popular either in a match style fishery or for your pleasure/mixed fishery, giving fantastic sport.


Tench Stock

One of the most popular fish around and always very much in demand by our customers. A must in any mixed fishery, the Tench is a hard fighting fish and very resilient to the everyday fishery life.


Crucian Carp

We originally sourced Crucians from two different lakes so that we had not only two different gene pools, but also we were very careful to make sure they were "true" Crucians and were not brown goldfish.

Golden Rudd

For adding a bit of colour to any fishery the Golden Rudd, like its blander relative is a fantastic sporting fish and great for filling the keep net when other fish are not so obliging.

Our Fishery Blog

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