Golden Rudd For Sale

golden rudd for sale

Golden Rudd

For adding a bit of colour to any fishery the Golden Rudd, like its blander relative is a fantastic sporting fish and great for filling the keep net when other fish are not so obliging.

We sell sizes from 2 inch up too 6-8 inch, and these are always popular in the mixed fishery market or for an ornamental pond. 

With the characteristics of the fish to sit in the upper layers, they can often be seen in the warmer months cruising in shoals.

Other Fish Species

The following fish species we feel cover all of your angling needs for the stocking of either a match, general or specimen style fishery. We are able to source other species from a reputable supplier if this is required, all fish we supply come with an up to date health check.

crucian carp

Crucian Carp

Carassius carassius



Abramis brama




Cyprinus carpio



Tinca tinca

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