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One of the most popular fish around and always very much in demand by our customers. A must in any mixed fishery, the Tench is a hard fighting fish and very resilient to the everyday fishery life.

With their slow growth, breeding enough to reach demand on the farm is an ongoing task and this should be considered if you are looking for the bigger sizes, as pre-ordering or contract growing is the norm for this fish (see Our Methods).

We currently sell from 3-4 inch fish up to 10 inch +, with 6-8 and 8-10’s being the most popular.

Other Fish Species

The following fish species we feel cover all of your angling needs for the stocking of either a match, general or specimen style fishery. We are able to source other species from a reputable supplier if this is required, all fish we supply come with an up to date health check.

crucian carp

Crucian Carp

Carassius carassius



Abramis brama



Golden Rudd

Scardinius erythrophthalmus



Cyprinus carpio

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